Being a Reruns consignor is fun and easy.

  • You receive 65% of the selling price.
  • You set the price of your items. Price items in whole dollar increments such as $1, $2, $5, and so on.
  • You get to shop before the sale is open to the public on Consignor Night and shop half-price early.
  • You receive a Guest Pass to give to a guest that can shop before the sale is open to the public and shop half-price early.
  • You get your paper check at Pick-up, which is just a few days after the sale is over.
  • PayPal payments will be sent after items are picked up.
  • Your items will be seen by thousands of shoppers from all over the Tennessee Valley.
  • We do the advertising for you. We advertise in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

How to Consign

  1. Register online.
    • The last day to register is September 30th, 2024.
    • Use your Consignor Number from previous Reruns or other sales.
  2. Pay your $10 Registration Fee
    • Pay online using a credit/debit card or PayPal at
    • OR choose “Invoice me” on the Registration Form. We will send an invoice to the email address listed on the form. Invoices are processed by PayPal. You can pay with either PayPal or your credit or debit card.
    • This fee is used to help cover facility and advertising costs.
    • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  3. Hang & tag your items according to our guidelines on the How to Tag Items page.
  4. All items must be CLEAN. Clothing must be on hangers (except socks). No stains, holes, marker or ink, pet hair, etc. New, excellent, or very good condition.
  5. See the What We Accept and What We Do Not Accept sections below.
  6. Drop off at least 25 items at your scheduled drop off time.
  7. Shop at our Consignor Pre-Sale BEFORE the public sale opens! (You will also receive a guest past for Consignor Night & Early Shopping Passes for the Half-Price sale.)
  8. Tell your friends & family about the sale! Share our social media posts. The more you SHARE, the more you SELL!
  9. Pick-up your unsold items & check on pick-up day.
    • Any items not picked up become the property of Reruns Clothing, LLC.

What We Accept

Girls and Boys
girls – infants thru 18 and Juniors
boys – infants thru 20

Men’s and women’s – all sizes

Maternity Clothes – limit 10 items


Infants, boys, girls, men’s, and women’s

limit 6 pairs per consignor

costumes, socks, purses, winter hats and gloves (fall sale only), hair bows, wallets, zipper pouches, jewelry, hair dryer, hair straightener, sealed beauty products, etc…

Outdoor Toys
bicycles, tricycles, toddler 4-wheelers, wagons, cozy coup, play sets, Step 2, Little Tykes – all items

Indoor Toys
sit-n-spins, crib toys, rocking horses, spring horses, barney toys, sesame street toys, Fisher-Price – all items, train tables, legos, leap pad, v-tech toys, learning toys, etc

Other Toys
board games, handheld games, game tables, puzzles, skates, cars/trucks big and small, toy boxes, musical instruments, shopping carts, cash registers, baby dolls & doll accessories, infant/toddler toys, sorters, dinosaurs, Movie & TV characters, books (kids & adults), audio CDs, DVD movies, video games, and accessories

swings, car seats, high chairs, gates, playpens, stools, walkers, port-a-cribs, potty training equipment, johnny jump-ups, backpacks, strollers, bouncy seats, rock-n-play, equipment

bedding, safety items, bottles, pacifiers, bibs, nursing items, nursery decor, blankets/sheets/burp pads, baby beds & new mattresses, bassinets, changing tables, diaper bags, rocking chairs

Small Home Decor

anything you would use to decorate with on a table or wall, picture frames smaller than 8 x 10 inches, small kitchen appliances, small kitchen accessories and dinner wear

What We Do Not Accept

Bedding (except baby blankets and crib sheets), pillows, bras, ties or bow ties, used underwear, clothes not in season, scarves, belts, back packs, lunch boxes, home decor not in season or chipped, clothes with holes or stains, dirty shoes, any frames bigger than 8 x 10, toys with missing pieces or don’t work, furniture (Cribs and wood rockers are okay), pet clothing, food items, electronics that don’t work or are missing cords, books that are falling apart, guns, and knives.

Guidelines for Drop Off:

  • Sign in before you give us your items.
  • Make sure the information we have on file for you is correct. Especially your email address for PayPal payments.
  • Organize your clothes by size and sex on the rolling rack. (Men’s, women’s, boy’s, and girl’s.)
  • Check each tag for consignor number, size, and price.
  • Put your consignor number on any tubs or laundry baskets that you bring and leave.

We will check each item for stains, holes, and excessive wear while you wait. If something is looked over that is stained or has a hole the price will be reduced to $1.00. If you don’t want this to happen please leave these items at home.

Consignor FAQs

  1. Q: What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
    A: No problem! If you don’t have a PayPal account, we can send you an invoice via email that allows you to easily pay online with any debit/credit card. Just indicate on your Consignor Registration Survey.
  2. Q: How many items do I have to bring in order to be a consignor?
    A: You must bring a minimum of 25 items to consign.
  3. Q: How much do I make from my sales?
    A: Consignors make 65% of their sales.
  4. Q: Can I send someone else to pick up my items and check? A: Yes. They must sign for you at pick up and take your items with them. We are not responsible if they lose your check or items.

Tips to make more money

  • Properly tag your items. Items with missing or incorrect information don’t sell as well as neatly printed correct tags. Also, be sure your tag is securely attached. We can’t sell items when the tags fall off.
  • Don’t overprice your items. Shoppers are looking for bargains. We recommend pricing items at least 50% or more off the retail price.
  • Make sure dress clothes aren’t too wrinkled. They don’t sell well. 
  • Shoppers are looking for play clothes and will still buy gently used clothes if they are priced to sell (typically $1 – $2 and half-price).
  • Price name-brand clothes for at least half the price of retail or a little less. Items priced too high, and not for half price, usually do not sell well or at all. 
  • Be willing to negotiate. We have called sellers to see if they will take a little less.
  • Help promote the sale and get the word out to your followers. Like and share posts from our Facebook and Instagram pages or create your own.
  • Review us on Facebook at Every 5-star review helps us build credibility for future consignors and customers. Your time and feedback would be greatly appreciated.